Health, Eco Impact of Mass Gatherings at Sabarimala Under Study
Posted on 10 February 2016

A maiden initiative launched in the country, a multi-dimensional study on the potential health and ecological concerns associated with mass gatherings at a holy site, is currently being undertaken at Sabarimala.

There is a potential risk factor involved as there are possibilities for transmission of contagious diseases where the pilgrims and the indigenous population converge for a ritual or celebration on a grand and massive scale.The study, being conducted by the Santhigiri Social Research Institute and the Global health Institute of Public Health aims at exploring three domains with respect to the mass gathering such as bio-medical, environmental and psycho-social problems. “This is the first multi-dimensional study focusing on health, environmental and socio-cultural issues,” said Dr K Rajasekharan Nayar, Santhigiri Social Research Institute chief fellow and principal investigator of the Study.